Celebrate the Solar Eclipse With These Out of This World Party Tips

For some across the United States, the sky will go entirely dark on August 21 – albeit just for a few minutes. While total darkness may not seem like cause for celebration, this total solar eclipse will be visible everywhere, at least to an extent, and this unique cosmic phenomenon is the perfect chance to put on some eclipse glasses and start partying. If you’re not sure what to do when the stars appear in the middle of the day, IES has you covered with everything you need to know to throw a party that’s out of this world.

Choose a Location

While you’ll be able to see at least some of the eclipse no matter where you are, only those in the totality – the area where the sun is blocked entirely by the moon – will experience total darkness. If you’d prefer not to host something in your backyard, NASA recommends hosting parties in local community centers, museums or observatories. If all else fails, you can livestream footage of the eclipse at your party.

If you want to mix education in with your celebration, you can opt to watch NASA’s Megacast, which will follow the eclipse from Oregon to South Carolina, and will feature leading science experts. Your party guests will take home some basic knowledge of solar eclipse and the Megacast will provide entertainment for your lower energy party guests.

Out of This World Decorations

Add some sparkle and shine to your party with galaxy themed decorations. Opt for photo booth props like rocket ship, planet, and other space paper cut-outs. Add star and moon glitter or confetti over black table cloths for an extra touch.

With baby oil, glitter, food coloring and water, you can make a “galaxy in a bottle” concoction to fill clear plastic bottles or mason jars with to use as the perfect centerpieces at your party.

Activities That Shine

If you want to give your guests some hands on learning opportunities – or if you’ve invited kids to your neighborhood eclipse watch party – planning activities is a great way to celebrate this solar coincidence. You can construct your own pinhole projector to see an image of the sun and calculate the diameter of the sun, giving you a better idea of what’s happening in outer space while you watch. You can also always opt to make this DIY pinhole camera to view the eclipse with.

Cosmic Confections

It’s not a party without food and drink, and you better have solar system themed snacks and beverages to celebrate. You could stay simple with fruits and veggies cut in the shape of planets, stars, and moons. If you want something sweeter, think about incorporating the color black into your desserts. Consider classy cupcakes with black icing and star garnishes or galaxy popcorn.

While you may only experience the eclipse for a few moments, this truly unique phenomenon is the perfect excuse to throw a party. Gather some solar system decorations, a few science loving friends and read up on when exactly your zip code will be affected and you’ll have the perfect recipe for your eclipse celebration.


The Sparkler