Step Up Your Wedding Game with These Creative Snapchat Ideas

While you may not be pulling out your phone to snap a 10-second memory of your wedding vows, planning unique Snapchat filters for your guests adds another way for your family and friends to participate in your special day and for you to incorporate your theme in all elements of your wedding.

If you’re not sure how to create your own filter or design a location-based story for your wedding, IES has you covered with everything you need to know to have your guests taking and sharing the best wedding-day-snaps while you say “I do.”


To start, you can visit to upload or design your geofilter. While your options are endless, consider incorporating an element of your wedding theme, the flowers you’ll be carrying, or your wedding hashtag. Other options would be to include the venue, traditional wedding symbols, or your names.

Once you’ve uploaded or created a design online, you can select how long you’d like the filter to be available for. You could have it created for the whole day, or just a few hours around your ceremony. Next, you’ll select the geographical area you’d like your geofilter to be available in. If the site of your ceremony and reception are close, you can select both. If having guests taking photos or videos during your ceremony isn’t ideal, consider creating your geofilter just for your reception.


Snapchat has other options for social media loving brides and grooms. If you’d like to add another special, digital touch to your day, consider creating a location-based “story.” While anyone can add photos or videos to their own stories, consider making a user account specifically for your wedding to promote leading up to your ceremony.

You can have a friend in charge of uploading photos and videos of your day-of preparations, ceremony and reception to the account’s story, so that all of your guests – and those who couldn’t make it – can feel engaged with your day. Making this account in advance will let you promote it on your other social media sites, or even in your save-the-dates, so that your friends and family can connect with the account before your wedding day.

Alternatively, you can create a Snapchat story through your primary account and allow others to contribute to it as well, by selecting a geographical fence of users who can access it. On the app, go to the Stories page and hit “Create Story.”


In the hours after your reception, you – or a trusted friend – can go through and save others’ unique Snapchats from your wedding by screenshotting pictures, so you can save how your friends chose to engage with your day. You could also use cute signs and wedding décor to encourage your friends to save their Snapchats so that they could share them with you later.

While your wedding day is really about you, Snapchat’s platform presents a great opportunity for your loved ones to engage with your wedding day events and share their memories and thoughts. Stepping up your social media game is a great way to set your ceremony and reception apart.


The Sparkler