Tech Savvy Tips to Launch Your Wedding into the Digital Age

Weddings are filled with tradition. Many brides follow the timeless mantra “something borrowed, something blue…” While there’s nothing wrong with walking down the aisle in the footsteps of others, if you’re ready to launch your proposal and ceremony into the digital age, IES has you covered with everything you need to be tech savvy when you say “I do.”

Plan Your Proposal

It’s certainly not uncommon to have photographers – or at least a close friend – present at your proposal to snap a few pictures of your magical moment, but companies like Ring Cam offer you a more efficient and high tech solution. When you get down on one knee and flip open your ring box, it will start to record, making sure that your proposal is caught on camera for the world to see – or at least for you to send to your mother. You can opt to rent the box for three weeks or buy it, and you can upload the video footage with a USB cord afterwards to edit and share as desired.

If you’re not willing to wait a few hours or days to share footage from your proposal, consider live streaming it through Facebook, Snapchat or Periscope. While you may want to stick with tradition and keep your proposal a little more private, livestreaming it gives you the chance to make sure your long distance family and friends are with you when you pop the question. Make sure to start your livestream well in advance and consider having a friend in charge of the livestreaming so as to avoid technical difficulties.

Tech Savvy Save-the-Dates

Paperless save-the-dates are a break from tradition, but they’re perfect for couples who want to have a high tech wedding or who just simply are eco-conscious and want to save some paper. Paperless Post offers a variety of wedding save-the-date templates, that are formatted just like a paper invitation. If you want to up the tech factor, consider creating a custom video to post to a private YouTube channel or to email to your guest list. Filming your save-the-date gives you more room for creativity, is paper-free, and makes the invitation a lot harder to lose.

If you’re nervous about your save-the-date getting shared with people you aren’t inviting, consider a more private file sharing tool like Dropbox or Google Drive, so that you have complete control over who your file is shared with.

Digital Tips for Day of

Don’t worry – we’re not recommending that you get married to a robot, but there are little ways to boost the tech factor of your wedding ceremony that will add fun, creativity and even make it more accessible. If you’re willing to add to the list of wedding-day photographers and videographers, consider planning to have a drone film your ceremony. It’s important to look up the specific laws for where your ceremony will be, since some states and localities are drone-free. If you get the go-ahead, aerial footage of your wedding will give you just one more permanent, digital memory to look back on in the years following your special day.

Have a best friend or family member that for some critical reason can’t make it to your ceremony? Say you have an elderly relative who can’t travel – consider live streaming or setting up a private FaceTime or Skype call from one of your guests so that your long distance friends and family members can still share your special day with you.

These days, everything about technology matters. If you choose to plan ahead for the digital aspects of your wedding, you will have more control and will be able to better utilize all that’s out there for a creative and personal day that you can remember – and share on social media – forever.


The Sparkler