3 Wedding Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them


We are here to help you avert these three more-common-than-you'd-think planning crises. While not a comprehensive list of wedding day disasters, these are some of the most cringe-worthy!

1. Unexpected Weather

Photo courtesy of  The Reflective Bride .

Photo courtesy of The Reflective Bride.

Outdoor events, and even partially outdoor events, are the ones that risk get affected by weather the most. What's your best defense strategy? A rain plan, of course! As event planners, we cannot stress this enough! Despite the name, your "rain plan" encompasses so much more than that. Make sure your venue has backup generators to power your event incase of extreme wind or power-outage, heating and cooling options are a must, as well, and be sure to invest in wedding insurance to protect all the thousands of dollars you have already spent on your Big Day. It's always a good idea to have cute rain boots and umbrellas on hand for photos, too, just in case! 


2. Friend of Family "Planners" Dropping the Ball

Photo courtesy of  The New York Post .

Photo courtesy of The New York Post.

You're mom's friend can handle a clipboard, right? She is an office manager, after all... Or, how about your bridesmaids? They have all been in 3 weddings each! They will surely know how to wrangle the crowd, and how to help with directing the rehearsal... 

Sound familiar? We see it all the time, a couple wants to save money, so they ask friends and family members to shoulder the burden of planning and executing the logistics of the wedding day. Only, the couple doesn't know that they are actually cheating themselves. This decision not only cuts down on that person's fun, but also adds stress and strain on to your officiant, caterer, and DJ, because vendors have to pick up the slack when an appointed coordinator doesn't have all the tools or know all the steps to execute a wedding day seamlessly.

It may sound harsh, but a friend or family member is never a good substitute for a professional planner or coordinator. Not only are you taking the risk of hurt feelings that may have long term effects during your interactions, but you are removing your advantage of keeping it impersonal and really getting what you want out of your wedding day... You may not want to sound mean or demanding when working with a relation on your dreams for your wedding, and doesn't family always thinks they know what is best for you, despite your point of view? Also, what happens if that designated person is late or gets distracted by other friends and family members, or what if you have a vendor not show up? Do your bridesmaids have contacts in the wedding industry to call someone last minute if the DJ's car breaks down? If your transportation doesn't show up?

Do yourself a favor, and avoid these possibilities altogether. A once-in-a-lifetime day that is so important and expensive shouldn't be left to chance. It should be left to your professional wedding planning and coordination team! 


3. Forgetting to Follow Up with Vendors

Photo courtesy of Etsy Shop,  BriarwoodCo .

Photo courtesy of Etsy Shop, BriarwoodCo.

You're about to walk down the aisle when you realize the bridal party is short a boutonniere and a bouquet! You didn't double check your order with your florist, and now you are paying for it-- five minutes before getting married! But, you had so many other things going on in your mind in the weeks leading up to your Big Day, it was impossible to keep track of everything! 

Yes, the last two weeks before your wedding day is full of packing your bags, finishing up DIY decor, checking the fit of your gown, making sure your guests have all the details they need for staying and getting to the venue... it's SO busy!! Following up on your vendors is one thing you don't have to do! Hiring a day of wedding coordinator will take this off your very full plate, so nothing is forgotten. Not your food quantities, not your florals, and not your arrival times for vendors. If you or your coordinator don’t follow up with vendors, you may not get want you were expecting, and I can't think of anything worse on your wedding day.


These are only three things that could put a damper on your wedding. The simple solution for these and more is to hire a day of coordinator! Check out your package options with us here.


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