Engaged? Keep Calm... and Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator (WPC)

Why Do You Need a Wedding Planner or Coordinator? 

So you can relax, of course! This is likely your first time hosting a gathering of this size, and there is a LOT to think about, learn and remember. Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator (who we like to call your WPC) is working for youand therefore has your best interests at heart in making sure your event runs smoothly. You and your guests’ happiness are the number one priority. Bringing years of experience to the table, your WPC will work with you as closely as you need to develop the look and feel of your wedding, especially where logistics are concerned. All those little details? Not to worry! Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator will take care of it!

While your venue may include an in-house planner or coordinator in its rental package, keep in mind that these individuals serve to protect the venue and be a resource for any facility-related concerns. This service is a definite bonus, but is not a substitute for a WPC. Nor is a family member or friend an appropriate substitute for a WPC. While the person you have in mind may be creative and reliable, he or she probably lacks the skills and knowledge that comes from experience in the industry. Additionally, weddings are so personal; why risk having personal conflict arise between you and your family member or friend, leaving your event to suffer? The best thing you can do for your big day is to trust a professional Wedding Planner or Coordinator.

At Illumination Events Studio, we take care of…

. . . Coming up with a timeline and the overall flow of your event. You might be wondering, at what time should the ceremony be? How long will it take to set up the reception tables? How much time will there be for dancing? What is the best rain plan? Who should get a tip? You’ve got plenty of questions, and we’ve got tried and true answers. After a serious Q&A with your WPC, we build your event together!

… Directing the wedding rehearsal, and the ceremony. Leading a group of twenty or more of your closest friends and family members through a wedding ceremony line up, especially when you are the one getting married, can be a little challenging! Our WPCs have gone through this ritual many times before; let us take care of it! We give complimentary lessons on wedding day etiquette, and review a master checklist to ensure that there’s no bouquet left behind.

… Setting up your lovely reception spaces. After months of pinning on Pinterest, hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on materials, and hours of creating your wedding whimsy, either by you or your talented vendors, who will make your vision come to life? Our WPCs will light all those votive candles, make sure your place cards don’t blow away, and put the final touches on your decor.

… Moving your wedding gifts and cards into a secure area. Don’t waste a minute of your wedding day worrying about those large parcels and stacks of wedding cards! We will move them to a designated area for you, such as a locked room in your venue or your car.

… Keeping your MC (Band or DJ), caterer, and photographer all on the same page. It’s 6:30PM, and time to announce the bridal party into the reception, but wait! The Best Man has wondered off! Luckily, your guests won’t notice a thing, because problems are what we handle best. We’ll signal the MC to stall, let the caterer know to keep the food warm a little longer, and give the photographers a chance to perfect their lighting. We’ll probably find the Best Man at the bar, steer him back to his spot in the lineup, cue the vendors, and voilà! The night is back on schedule!



… Breaking it all down at the end. Following an exhilarating last dance to “Don’t Stop Believing,” all your guests suddenly snag their favors and leave for home. Your parents are busy kissing a few friends goodbye. You and your newlywed spouse are enjoying some champagne on your way to the hotel. Who is going to gather up any left-behind personal items, pull down all the floral decorations, move all the centerpieces so linens can be retrieved, put away your guest book safely, and make sure you will get your venue security deposit back? Undoubtedly, the answer is your WPC and her team!

… And all of that is just for the actual wedding day!

What about the months that lead up to The Big Day? Illumination Events Studio also provides Partial and Full Wedding Planning services to help you with all your planning needs. Call us at 540.735.4086 for a chat, or drop us a note at Chelsea@illuminationevents.com.

We would love to meet you for coffee, get to know you, and learn all about your event!