Get Creative with These Wedding Hashtag Tips

As weddings are pushed into the digital age, you’ll most likely be picking a wedding hashtag along with decorations, catering, and a venue as you prep for the big day. You’ll want to think of something that screams “you” to share photos from your wedding day on social media. These hashtags will join the thousands posted daily on sites like Twitter and Instagram and will help you organize photos from the day of your wedding. Whether you’re the creative type who has been brainstorming wedding hashtags for months or someone just catching on, check out these tips to make a one-of-a-kind hashtag.


Pick Your Hashtag


To create a catchy, easy-to-remember, and personal wedding hashtag there are just a few tips to keep in mind. Try to incorporate your names, add puns, and check social media to make sure other couples haven’t used it. A good way to make your wedding hashtag unique is to include numbers – like the year or date of your wedding. Couple Evan & Robyn used #ForeverGreen2015 to incorporate their last name and the year of their wedding, while still adding a timeless, romantic touch.


Another option is to pick a theme for your hashtag, like a movie, book, or song that is important to you as a couple and creating a punny hashtag. One Star Trek loving couple used #WedLongAndProsper, a creative play on the beloved movie’s “Live Long and Prosper,” and even created a hashtag out of the lyrics of a favorite Coldplay song! These examples show how you can stay true to your unique personalities while still hopping on this wedding trend. If all else fails, you can try this wedding hashtag generator, that will give you a list of potential ideas using your names, nicknames, and the date of your wedding.


Start Posting


Once you’ve picked and double-checked your wedding hashtag, make sure to start incorporating it in your wedding plan. Send it out on your save-the-dates and make sure members of your wedding party know to use it. If you’re planning on hitting up Instagram and Facebook with engagement photos, start adding your hashtag to the posts to spread the word!


Remind Your Guests


Once your wedding day arrives and family and friends are busy snapping pics, leave cute reminders to use your wedding hashtag in their posts on social media sites. Chalkboard signs make for great décor, and can easily remind your guests of your hashtag. You can also incorporate your wedding hashtag into guest favors or table decor, so that throughout the day’s festivities, your hashtag will be well advertised. When things start to calm down after your wedding, you’ll easily be able to look at your hashtag on Instagram and see all of the tagged posts from your guests and repost or save them.


Wedding hashtags take your celebration into the digital age, and give you an easy way to sort through your guests’ photos. Have fun picking a hashtag that’s personal to you, and get creative with incorporating it into your wedding décor!



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