Heavenly Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Hello, lovelies!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! Although your dress may be the focus of your wedding look, how you choose to style your hair will also capture everyone's attention. There are an abundance of styles from which to choose, depending on the location of your wedding, your other accessories, and your personal preferences. Here is a rundown of beautiful hairstyles to make your look even more fabulous!



Fishtail braids are fantastic if you want to keep your hair away from your face, but don't want it all the way up in a bun. This style is beautiful and trendy right now --  a great, whimsical look for any type of wedding.



Low buns are very in-style right now. You can go with a messy bun for a more casual, fun vibe, or a polished, tighter bun for a graceful appearance.



If you want a dramatic, attention-grabbing style, a topknot is the choice for you! Elegant and bold, topknots are excellent for showing off earrings, keeping your hair away from your face, and making everyone admire how chic you look!



Wearing your hair down is perhaps the most classic wedding hairstyle, and for good reason. There are many different ways to style your hair when it is down, giving you the flexibility to change it to correspond to the mood of your wedding. Whether you choose gentle, sweet waves or bold, elegant curls, this option will never go out of style.



There are so many fun ways to accessorize with your natural hair. Flower pins, as seen in the photo on the far left, are a romantic and simple way to add some sparkle. Play around with delicate headbands and clips for other low-commitment ways to glam up your look! 


No matter which hairstyle you choose for your happy day, there are countless opportunities to accessorize and adapt styles to your own desires. Shoot us a message if you want advice on picking a hairstyle that works well with your dress and theme!



The Sparkler