Saying "I do" Game of Thrones style

For fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the show’s fictional plot lines and noble characters might not immediately conjure up thoughts of “happily ever after” and “romance.” But while even true lovers of the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels might not want their wedding days marked by violence and drama, the show’s over the top setting and visuals lend their inspiration for regal weddings. If the series’ seventh premier, scheduled for July 16, 2017, has you dreaming of being royal, then IES has you covered with how to say “I do” in true Game of Thrones style.

Pick Your Venue

Much of the show is filmed on location in the United Kingdom, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain and the United States. While the show’s fictional settings, the continents of Westeros and Essos, might not have venues you can book right away for your special day, forests and barns adorned with elegant, over the top, decorations create HBO-worthy aisles for you to walk down.

For example, this understated but elegantly decorated space turns a warehouse room into the real life Great Hall you’ve always dreamed of. If you the royalty in you wants to mix your vows with a touch of international travel, Northern Ireland and Scotland are the sites of the majority of the show’s on location filming and offer locations literally worthy of being on T.V.

Dress Like Royalty

Whether you want to scream “ice princess” on your wedding day or be ready to ride off to battle after the ceremony, the drama of Game of Thrones offers lots of inspiration to take your wedding dress and accessories from traditional to out of this world.

Adding a fur wrap is practical for colder winter weddings, but it also makes you the ice princess of your dreams. If you just want to look like a queen, opt for more tiara-style hair accessories and heavily beaded dresses, and lots of glam. If the fierce females of the show have you wanting to look fit for battle, you can try adding leather and industrial-metal into your look. For example, this bride pairs simple but intense metal hair jewelry with leather jewelry – complete with a coat of arms.

Prepare Your Feast

What would a Game of Thrones wedding be without dragons, noble houses and a feast at your reception? Tie your ceremony’s theme into the reception by sorting guests into their noble houses with charts or seating cards. Outdoor reception spaces can get that regal touch with solid wood dining tables, to transform your beautiful venue into a grand feast fit for royalty. Adorn the solid tables with overflowing floral bouquets, crystal accents, and hearty food to entertain your guests.

End with Sweet Treats

What would royalty demand at their wedding? Game of Thrones inspired wedding cakes, of course. Whether you want a wedding cake decked out with swords and dragons or something a little simpler, like a wedding cake themed around the Iron Throne, chances are there’s a cake perfect for you. You get bonus points if you cut your cake with a medieval sword.

While you most likely want your wedding to be violence free, there’s some T.V. perfect ways to blend your love of Game of Thrones with your special day, and they’ll have you, and your guests, feeling like royalty.