The Perfect Fourth of July Party

Hey y’all! Since the Fourth of July is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get serious about planning your perfect red, white, and blue party! Whether you’re hosting friends and family for a quiet night of barbeque and fireworks or planning the ever-anticipated neighborhood block party, IES has you covered to make sure your night goes off with a bang. 


To get started, pick a theme for your party. Are you feeling vintage stars and stripes or a more glamorous, sparkler filled evening? Once you decide on a direction for your festivities, planning food, decorations, and activities for your explosive night will be that much easier. 

Show off

Decorations certainly make a party – and can make your yearly block party an Instagram worthy evening. Paper backdrops such as classy streamers, no, not like the ones from your middle school dance, or vintage-inspired paper flag art can make a plain wall the perfect destination for a photoshoot. Decorate your table surfaces with patriotic pinwheel-filled mason jars or wrap American flag stickers around jar white jar candles for a cute, illuminated touch. 

Additionally, make sure to really utilize your outdoor spaces. Have a clothes line in your backyard? Try hanging red, white, and blue bandanas over it. Small jars or pots of red and blue flowers can also tie together decorations for outdoor seating areas. 



Once you’ve picked a theme and planned your décor, make sure you’ve got a plan for food and drink, arguably the most important part of any gathering. While you don’t have to forego the timeless grilling of hamburgers and hotdogs, a few desserts and themed drinks can upscale your party. 

Think about a statement dessert piece – like an American flag tarte platter or a fruit platter if you’re opting for a healthier menu. Adding fancy – and fun – cocktail options will surely please your guests, but will also transform your backyard into the classiest, and most festive, neighborhood bar. 


You’ll have to end the night with fireworks and sparklers, which will provide entertainment for your party, but that doesn’t have to be it. Kid-friendly Fourth of July activities that still let the grown-ups celebrate in style are great. They suggest filling a muffin tin with patriotic beads and assorted small objects, and letting kids string together necklaces. If you don’t plan on having young ones at your party, plan on having fun photo props to fill the daylight hours, and you can always watch a quick tutorial to learn how to take perfect sparkler writing photos for later. 


When you’re ready to wrap up your party – and make sure all your guests get home safely (and call them Ubers), consider American flag goodie bags filled with candy or small mason jars of red, white, and blue M&M’s. There’s no better way to end America’s favorite summer holiday than with a sweet treat for each of your guests. 

No matter the scale of the party you’re planning on throwing this July, follow these simple tips to make sure your party is perfectly patriotic and ensure that your guests will be eager to “RSVP” next time around. 


The Sparkler