Vintage Cabana Sneak Peek

Hey y'all, I've been running around lately getting things together for a Vintage Cabana themed editorial photo shoot. I cannot wait to show you all what we've been up to in preparation, but for right now take a look at this inspiration sneak peek!



I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and summer fun of a cabana shoot. Chunky jewelry, tropical fruit, and delicious drinks just scream pool party and I was so excited to explore the theme. I decided that the shot list would focus around the story of a cabana birthday celebration.



I loved the idea that the models would be hanging out by the pool together dressed in vintage fashion at a birthday party for their closest friend. So I really wanted to get those feelings of friendship and fun at a tropical cabana. Palm fronds and bright yellows, pinks, and turquoise really pulled everything together.  



I was also on the look out for great treats and props that would make the party that much better. Every table setting, fork, pillow, or chair was specifically picked by me for the cabana look. I loved going on those little adventures and coming back with the perfect gear.



To add to the vintage theme, I wanted our models to embrace the 1950s look, complete with winged eyeliner and a bright pouty lip. The loose curls and coifed do's added to the authenticity and adorableness. I found the perfect hair and makeup artists to do the job, making the photographer's job that much easier. 



At the end of the day, the shoot was super fun and a great success for all. I had tons of help from friends and colleagues and we all had a blast setting it all up. Stay tuned and look out for the upcoming gallery of photos from the shoot!

Here's a little sneak peek:



the sparkler