Artist Spotlight

Let's get artsy! Some of favorite artists are unique, talented, and last but not least, local. Their masterpieces can be given as wedding gifts and party favors or you can use them to capture the magic of your special day and all those involved. So I'm shining a spotlight over a few really great artists that can bring some sparkle. 



Mandy is a VCU grad specializing in abstract and figurative painting. An up-and-coming talent, Mandy uses painting as an emotional expression to show a "braver version" of herself. You can buy or rent a custom backdrop for any event to add a pop of color and personality, like this wedding backdrop.



Since 1987, Blane Wells has been selling one-of-a-kind custom silhouettes to the Richmond area. Her main business is "A La Carte" personal service art education. Blane makes each silhouette by hand and gave this bride and groom portrait as a gift to the happy couple after  drawing the family, friends, and guests at the wedding. 



Inspired by her outdoor environment, Alee Johnson enjoys landscape painting and exploring impressionistic styles with emphasized color. Alee is amazing at plain air painting and can paint LIVE at your event or wedding to make a permanent keepsake of your ceremony and reception. 



Camberly, of Sweet Pear Paper, creates custom paper wall backdrops and decorations. "Through collaboration, inspiration, and a little bit of whimsy," Sweet Pear Paper can bring color and fun to your wedding. A beautiful creation gifting you unique photo memories to last a lifetime.  



Cory Harris lives by #artthatmakesyouhappy and brings it everyday and in every way to her art. Cory hand paints and letters canvases, prints, and rustic wood art for every occasion. This super cute wedding globe is only one example of the amazing variety that Cory has to offer. 


Do you love these artists as much as I do??? Impossible! These guys are amazing and super accessible in the RVA area. Definitely check them out to make your wedding or event that more unique and full of sparkle.


the sparkler