Kick Off Your Forever, Honeymoon-Style

Hey y'all! Weddings can be so stressful. Communicating with vendors and guests, dealing with miss-haps and mess-ups, looking fabulous and having a great time, ugh, it's exhausting.

(Of course IES is there to help with all of that ;)

But there's nothing like taking a break from it all by going on a fantastic honeymoon. There are so many amazing places to go and see, even if you spend most of your time binging on Netflix and feasting on room service.

Here are some of the coolest places to go with your loved ones to kick off your forever together.



Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island filled with sand, surf, and fun. The island is rich with color and culture and offers some really cool activities, like snorkeling around its gorgeous coral reefs. If you're looking for an exotic and relaxing time out on the beach, Bali might be the honeymoon of your dreams. 



South Africa is quickly becoming quite the honeymoon destination. Cape Town, one of its three capitals, is a modern city right next to some beautiful areas where you can go on an African safari. You can have amenities or adventure, or both. South Africa has delicious restaurants, beach life, great hikes, hype nightlife, and crazy amazing views.



Iceland, contrary to its chilly name, is a hot-spot for honeymooners. It may not be tropical, but Iceland got's an exoticism all its own. From snowy peaked mountains, to lush green ground and waterfalls, Iceland has everything an adventurer could need. Imagine the amazing hikes you could get into, and the mud baths you could sink into afterwards. 



Croatia is right on the Mediterranean and has a unique identity from Italian, Austrian, and Hungarian influences. Croatia has its fair share of beaches and National Parks, with plenty of outdoor activities. Also, you can visit their charming small and historic towns and appreciate their beautiful architecture. In addition, Croatia is located next to mini-country Montenegro for a little extra excursion if you're interested. 



Continuing with the gorgeous landscape theme, New Zealand is famous for it. This Oceanic country, right off the coast of Australia, is perfect for the adventurous couple. Not only is it the bungee jumping capital of the world, but its location is prime for kayaking, skydiving, zip lining, hot balloon rides, beach walks, hiking volcanoes, the list goes on. 



Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for its interesting culture featuring royal palaces, ruins, and Buddha temples. Its capital, Bangkok, is the "Venice of the East" with its own canal system, Khlongs, for romantic boat rides through the city, and a super cool floating food market. 



Not interested in sticking to one place your whole honeymoon? Try out a cross-country American road trip. Jump in a car and just drive. Visit your favorite watering holes or check out new destinations. There are many amazing sites across the U.S., in all 50 states, from Maine to Georgia to New Mexico, there are some really cool National Parks and odd museums, perfect for some couple bonding.



If you're looking for a tropical beach a little closer to home, Key West is just the spot. An island city of the Florida keys, Key West is a popular cruise stop known for its snorkeling and coral reefs. It offers beautiful sunsets and amazing weather. You can't go wrong with this honeymoon destination.



One of my favorite destinations is Paris, France. Paris is a classic city filled with history, art, film, and most importantly, food. If you'd rather be exploring museums and eating baguettes, Paris might be your honeymoon home-away-from-home. It's no wonder they say that Paris is the "city of love." 



Colombia is one honeymoon destination that has it all. Situated at the very north of South America, Colombia is rich in fantastic food, rainforests, and cute shops. Brush up on your Spanish, and check out this dream location, with beaches, cities, mountains, and more. 


Talk about a whirlwind, I feel like I traveled around the world with you! And you and your spouse can travel around the world too, or just in your backyard. Wherever you end up, remember to take some sparkle with you, and leave a little there before you make your way back home.


the sparkler