Look out, Ladies of London!!!

Hello, Readers!

Today, the Illumination Events Studio is packing up and taking a trip to London! I could not be more excited! The trip will be my first work-cation, where I will connect with venues, get inspiration, and take a week to refine the IES brand! Here is sneak peak of the color palette I have been kicking around!

Something about blue and gold has such an elegant contrast! Don't you agree?

Something about blue and gold has such an elegant contrast! Don't you agree?

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A few items on the itinerary you can be sure to expect to see include:

The Thames
From the Southbank to Parliament all the way to the East End, I adore walking along the river! The cityscape is one of the most beautiful in the world, spanning centuries of architecture! 



Tea Time
My absolute favorite British tradition is tea time! High tea, cream tea, royal tea... I love it all. There is something about taking a break for a nice cuppa and a delicious treat that just makes life worth living. Also, tea cups are the only things I collect. Well, that and books. But those don't count, obviously!


Shopping, of course!
Now, everything in the UK is about 1000x more expensive in the states, but who am I do discriminate? Currently the exchange rate is at an exciting low rate of $1.30 to the Pound. I consider myself lucky!


The Sherlock Holmes Museum
In between creating timelines and making appointments with clients, I got in DEEP with the newest Sherlock Holmes series on Netflix with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. I mean OBSESSED. So, naturally, I cannot wait to visit this shrine.


The Underground
My favorite public transportation system in the world! It's so charming, easy to navigate, and there is always a friendly British man or woman's voice telling me to "mind the gap between the train in the platform." So thoughtful!


Harry Potter Anything!
No need to explain myself here.


The Imperial War Museum
The last time I visited England, this museum was closed for renovations and I was heartbroken! I love museums. Especially when the museum is dedicated to the insane reach of the 19th century British Empire over which the sun apparently never set! Victoria was definitely a #BossLady.


An English Pub (or Two!)
Because what trip across the pond would be complete without a pint?! Well, in my case, a half-pint. The US should really think about serving half-pints. It's excellent for lightweights like me! 

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