Chelsea Moring

lead planner and owner

I am a checklist-addict, an avid do-it-yourselfer, and Illumination Events Studio's Lady Boss of six years. While I'm all about getting things done, and done well, I love nothing more than sipping a cup of tea on my front porch and admiring my geraniums in the sunshine. The balance of order, beauty, and enjoyment is my mission for all my couples and clients. There is nothing more important to me than for my clients being present in the moment, because, as Audrey Hepburn says, happy girls are the prettiest, and it is so true!



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LEAD planner

The mom of a growing toddler, Rhema is adept at finding the calm in the chaos. While organization is the foundation for any large event, she knows to be ready for any curveballs. Becoming certified in both wedding planning & event design in 2019, she is eager show her clients, and her little girl, the perfect example of a “Lady boss.”

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LEAD planner

Abby adores organizing, planning, and decorating, so being part of the IES team is a perfect fit! Finishing up her education at VCU and babysitting on the side, she knows how to handle the hectic day-to-day. She feels right at home working behind the scenes at weddings and events. Fun and energetic, she's been known to shed a tear or two during toast speeches. They are her favorite part!


Erica Hinkle

Associate Lead planner

Erica, a former big-city Jersey girl, now a reformed small-town county girl, has devoted her professional and personal life to planning, organizing, and re-organizing. She can handle most anything thrown her way when working at events. She believes that strong relationships and systematic methods are the key combination for creating successful celebrations. Erica's mantra is "dream, plan, celebrate," in that order! 

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Kaitlyn Shaffer

LEAD planner

Kaitlyn believes that with the right outfit, a detailed checklist, and good music, no job is too big to handle. A lover of making things pretty, especially if the color palette has blush, she takes pride in styling clients' event spaces. On her days off, Kaitlyn loves to binge watch Gilmore Girls, sip her favorite peach tea and dream of summer.

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Savanah Dicken

LEAD planner

Savanah, with her vibrant personality, leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes! A student at James Madison University studying hospitality, she has a strong desire to do things right for clients the first time, and to leave a lasting impression. Savanah loves all things glittery, pink and Lilly Pulitzer, and spends her free time enjoying a good crab picking by the Chesapeake Bay. She is so excited to be a part of the IES team.


Meredith howard

assistant planner

Meredith is a wizard when it comes to editorial calendars, hair and makeup tips, and pasta dishes. A William and Mary alumnus and Fulbright Scholar, she lived in South Korea for three years, and has an extensive knowledge of K-pop entertainers if ever you have questions. Her family hails from the Shenandoah Valley, where annual family reunions require strict organization of duties and tasks, including managing the bountiful homemade buffet.